Pussy Power House Presents : On My Period

It's that time of the month y’all! Our (diva) cup overflows with joy to present you with our theme for November : ON MY PERIOD! Why continue to hide your tampons and stained panties in shame when you could be celebrating the magic of menstruation with others?! If 50% of the human population has a moon cycle and it’s a completely healthy and natural part of life, how in the hell did they get us believing it was gross, smelly, unclean and embarrassing for all this time?? In celebration of our glorious monthly cycles, we invite you to join us in painting the town red by coming dressed in your finest all red outfits to honor The Flow!

Our first *ZINE!!* will also be launching on this night - so if you’re wanting to learn more about how to connect to and honor mensuration, be sure to pick up a copy! 

Artists, Healers, Performers, Educators, Bad Bitches:

Corinne Loperfido  - Jewelry, Diva Cup Thrones, Zine Release!

Lizzy Jeff  - Cycles + Rituals : Medicine Bar

Aubergine Vagin  - Hand Screen Printed Art Books 

Brenna Cheyney  - Menstrual Story Time - Short Form Bloody Prose Readings

PJ Superior  - Art, Tarot, Eye Portraits (hand painted in blood live!)

Felicia Burkley - Womb Healing : Sacral + Root Chakra Reiki

Crystal June Glass  - Period-inspired hand blown glass art

Kim Krempien  - All Red Everything Fashion Styling Photobooth

EYE DREAM TV  - Live TV Interviews in the Talk Show Room!

Lunapads  - Cloth Pads

Holly Grigg-Spall - Sweetening the Pill: How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control

Carol Downer  - Living Encyclopedia of Women's Health Knowledge

The Cuntsultant - FemmyCycle menstrual cups + Fertility awareness

Kim Myers - Plaster Pussy Casting 

IO Rose - Lace Up Undies

Thursday November 16, 2017
At @pskaufman (8th and Main, DTLA)
Suggested : $10 Red Outfit / $15 Not in red (nobody turned away for lack of funds)
FREE MATE by @guayaki

Stay tuned on Instagram @pvssypowerhouse for more!!

November 16, 2017 at 7pm - 11:30pm
8th St & Werdin Aly
Look for the blue shoe sign to the right of the big black gate on the right
Los Angeles, CA 90014
United States
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